The DISC SmartPack™ Removable Media Technology offers the perfect solution to protect and manage bare optical media in and outside the DISC Optical Libraries.

It provides protection and ensures the media is not damaged by the user when it is inserted or removed from the library.

Each SmartPack™ can hold 15 media and is inserted into one of four locations on the front of DISC libraries.

Key Benefits:

More information on ArXtor Lite Series:

Maximum Protection

  • Enclosed design to ensure protection against scratches, dust, fingerprints, shock and light
  • Media locked into place

Patented Touchless Easy Media Handling

  • Inserted into one of four locations in the front of the library
  • Uses same tray system as libraries
  • Hot swappable exchange whilst the library is operating

Intelligent On/Offline Data Management

  • Worldwide unique serial number & bar code stored on label and on smart memory chip
  • Unlimited Offline Media Storage
  • Light weight ergonomic design, only 720 grams and half height (5.25”) high.

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