PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition

Companies with centrally organized data storage have two common problems:

High-priced primary storage systems become consumed with unstructured data, which are infrequently used and often not used at all.

Legal archiving requirements of electronic records are fulfilled inefficiently and often not fulfilled at all. Storing data permanently on primary hard disk systems, which must constantly be expanded, provides a short term solution which is easy to realize but does not provide a sustainable solution to these problems.

A permanent solution can be realized by purging unused and infrequently used data to secondary storage systems designed for long-term archival, where removable media such as tape and optical are especially suitable for these purposes. PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition purges data to be archived automated by HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) functionality to secondary storage and thus releases primary storage. The most important advantage is that users and applications have still transparent access to the archived data by the file system of the primary storage.

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