Label printers XD4T

For double-sided printing

It prints on both sides of textile tapes, cardboard labels, pressed tubes continuous or ready-for-use, as well as on endless materials made of plastic, paper or cardboard. The ribbon separates from the materials with the help of a draw roller that also improves the accuracy of the imprint.

No print head adjustment necessary with different material widths. Print rollers provided for slim and thin materials.

For single-sided printing with centered material positioning and drawing roller please go to label printer SQUIX 4 MT.

Double-sided printing, for example textile labels, shrink tubes and continuous materials

Label printer XD4T
Printable resolution dpi 300
Print speed up to mm/s 125
Print width up to mm 105.6

Accessories for label printer XD4T

Cutter CU4

Paper labels, self-adhesive labels, cardboard, textile and plastic materials as well as shrink tubes can be cut.

Perforation cutter PCU4

In addition, the materials can be perforated before they are manually separated.

Stacker ST4 M with cutter

The printed materials are cut and stacked. If the maximum stack height is reached, printing is interrupted. Even stiff or curved materials can be processed. We recommend to have these applications tested at our premise.

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