Swing applicator 3214

For precise real-time labeling of very small to mid-sized labels

The labels are preferably applied on the side of the product.

The pad is positioned in front of the peel-off plate. The label is held during printing. A rotary cylinder swings in labeling position. The stroke cylinder applies the label on the product. Rotary angle and linear stroke are adjustable.

"Due to a comprehensive portfolio of products and accessories as well as the close collaboration with cab we are able to live up to individual customer demands. This is a very important criterion for us! In the present case we have opted for a cab Hermes+4 print and apply system with swing applicator 3214 and a special pad."
Marco Bigiolli, VEBICODE Label Printer & Software AG, Switzerland
Case study: Pharmaceutical bins - Hermes+ with applicator 3214

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