Stroke turn applicator 4214

for precise real-time labeling of very small to mid-sized labels where installation is difficult.

Labeling is possible from all sides.

The pad is positioned in front of the peel-off plate. The label is held during printing. A rotary cylinder swings the pad horizontally up to 180° in labeling position. The stroke cylinder applies the label on the product. The length of the stroke cylinder defines the maximum product distance to the peel-off plate.

Tamp pad

Labels are precisely tamped on plain surfaces, even recessed.

Tamp pad with damping layer

With hard surfaces, the layer contributes to noise damping. The use gives also advantage with rough structures or minor unevenness.

Tamp pad with label stop

In case of small labels, the stop provides precise positioning on the product.

Blow pad

for pressure sensitive surfaces or when products are in motion. Air jet blows the labels onto the product. 5 to 10 mm distance to the product surface are set with a stop on the stroke cylinder.

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