DTM LF140e Label Finishing System

DTM LF140e Label Finishing System

Digital On-Demand Short Run Label Finishing Solution

The LF140e is a compact system for simple, fast and cost-efficient label processing on-site. It can be used to handle all the operations involved including unwinding the pre-printed rolls, laminating and digital contour cutting, waste matrix removing, slitting and rewinding the finished rolls. Pre-printed rolls with a media width between 100 mm (3.94″) and 140 mm (5.51″) and a maximum roll diameter of 200 mm (7.87″) can be processed making it the ideal addition for all types of roll printers, such as the inkjet printer LX2000e from Primera Technology, Inc. or the toner-based LED printer OKI Pro1050.

Noteworthy is the optical black mark registration through an integrated camera and LED spotlight, which guarantees an accurate repetitive precision even with complex cuts.

In addition, the control unit of the DTM LF140e really stands out. With the integrated 11.6″ touch screen all functions and processes can be controlled. Also included are numerous connections such as USB, Ethernet and also WLAN connectivity for accessing external cutting jobs.

LF140e workflow


printed media requires an imprinted black mark, unprinted media can be cut continuously



optional laminate film to protect or apply specific surface structure as an extra finish



with a maximum cutting speed of 600 mm/s for accurate results



remove the waste label matrix from your printed rolls of pre die-cut labels



can hold up to 6 blades to slit the web into finished rolls



press roll reduces the inflation of the roll



rewind finished label rolls


  • Borderless output: the production of labels with full bleed has been a nightmare up until now, as many roll printers do not support it. Now it is no longer necessary to pay attention to a precise label edge when printing in full bleed, nor is it necessary to set up a minimum distance between labels.
  • Time and cost savings: producing short runs of labels in-house means reducing storage space and costs. There is also no need to order pre-cut label rolls.
  • Resistance of the labels: lamination increases the durability of the labels. Any paper material, whether inkjet or dry toner based, can be coated, eliminating the need for special durable label materials.

The DTM LF140e comes to the customer as a completely assembled and pre-installed system. The 108 kg device stands on a stable, powder-coated steel workbench with mounted rollers and only needs to be supplied with power, then production can begin.


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